Memory Support Center

Offering Dementia & Alzheimer's Care

Memory Support Center

Nugent's Memory Support Center was designed to provide a flexible and secure living environment for residents with memory disorders. Careful research and planning went into the environmental design of the unit to promote safety and maximize resident's autonomy.

The design of the unit attempts to compensate for resident's cognitive losses by using color-coded rooms to assist with room finding, carpeted and low-glare flooring that reduces reflection that impedes resident’s walking, and bright non-glare lighting to reduce nightly wandering effects of sundowning.

In addition to safe indoor walkways, an outdoor courtyard invites residents to walk and explore. The courtyard is wheelchair-accessible and its gardens are carefully landscaped with edible vegetation.

Nugent's Special Care Unit breaks away from traditional nursing home concepts. The nature of this environment allows staff to adapt to the resident's individual needs. In addition, a volunteer program is enlisted to creatively link the Memory Support Center to the community.

Dementia or Alzheimer's Care is appropriate if the senior …

  • Requires complete personal care for most activities of daily living
  • Exhibits challenging behavior, confusion or forgetfulness
  • Has accidents in the home or forgets to use safety equipment (walkers, grab bars, etc.)
  • Is unable to use proper judgement in an emergency, due to unpredictable behavior
  • Has difficulty remembering loved ones and familiar faces
  • Wanders away from home, requiring a secure facility
  • Is agitated, combative, refuses care or abusive


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